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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

News and updates

Hello again,
Well, it's been a crazy last couple of months! I look back and am amazed at how much has happened. I got my order in to the Discover Nashville store at the Nashville Airport. It is past security, but if you are flying in or out, head down the C concourse and you'll see my work in their new store!! (see picture at left)
The same day that all that went in, I taught felt ball making to my son's 2nd grade class for "parent art"! They did great, and I discovered that upside-down frisbees make great drip-catchers!!!
Then, a week later, I demonstrated at the airport for "Arts in the Airport" - that was lots of fun, and my 5th grade son handled my sale for me during my demonstrating stint! That same day, my application for spring TACA was also due. So while all of this making and teaching and demonstrating was going on, I was also working with a new photographer, John P. Ford, to have slides and images made of my new work. Whew! Did I mention I've been busy? I hope to have new images up in my online portfolio very soon!
I also hit the Bead Show, which was in Franklin a couple of weekends ago - lots and lots and lots of gorgeous beads - yum! And taught a second parent art class (weaving with straws) on my son's birthday - same class. I need to remember to get pictures of these things!!! They all made great handwoven bracelets and bookmarks.
Oh, and I attended Bruce Baker's workshop on Craft Marketing 101, he was absolutely fabulous, and I bought all of his CD's for future research and training.
I'll post a calendar of the events of interest in a separate post.
- Laura


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