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Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday! Weekly plan

Yay, Monday!  (Ok, sorry, too much.)  Despite having my boys all week this week, I have set up the following production schedule for myself.  This is based on taking the amount I sold at the WinterArts show before Christmas, doubling it (to have plenty of stock, since my booth looked sad and empty at the end of that show) and doubling that (to have enough to do the spring TACA fair at the same time as the Spring version of the WinterArts show).  Ideally, this will also give me enough to do some wholesale sales as well.  I still need to find a photographer who can take some pictures of my new spring scarves that are good enough for postcards, ads, etc.  I will ask some of the other professional fiber people in town who takes their pictures and see if I can come up with someone new on short notice.
Weekly production goals:
10 scarves
8 soaps
4 bracelets
2 bottles
2 pincushions
1 jacket
1 hat
1 purse

Lets see how I do this week!  I guess I am going to have to get to the studio at 10 a.m. all week.

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