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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Craziest project from Hats Bags and More class

This hat was the result of my attempt to use a combination of jacob and shetland natural colored wools, with added blue dyed mohair locks, and prefelt jacobs flaps and shetland doodle spikes, all on a ball.  After the different wools tried to not stick to each other, and the whole thing didn't shrink a whole lot, and half the decorations refused to stick, we still ended up with a hat that Victoria knew immediately was meant to be hers!  The other projects through the week were decidedly less challenging.  More to come!!  (I took the beach ball out through the holes that were forming, and shrank it as much as I could.  Then after sleeping on it, I cut one side open and made points around the opening, sewing down some of the blue mohair locks that were trying to fall off.  Then after sleeping on it again, I cut the face opening, rolled the front edge back, added bells to the front points, and then made a button-hole and button closure on the next pair of points back.)



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