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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Photography - FTW!!

Photo by J. Simpson
YES!!!  Finally got a good backdrop set up in the studio at Harpeth Art Center, borrowed lights and a tripod from Sharon, and borrowed my next door (at the studio) neighbor Andra's daughter and her know-how with her camera to get some polished-looking photos of more stuff!  Here is an image I really like of one of my new spring scarf styles.  Hopefully some of these shots will go on my site to use for jurying into shows and such.  I also emailed some to Greg in Memphis to see if he can use them for advertising materials for The Spring Show 2011 by WinterArts.  (This will be in the same space at Saddle Creek South that the WinterArts show was located, and run from April 29 thru May 7.)

Plus I got a number of multiple-angle sets of images of other stuff that will be showing up on Etsy soon! Yeah!!  Working on my 2011 goal of using the interwebs to the best of my abilities!!! For those with an interest, I set up a card table around 6 feet away from the wall, and taped the end of a large roll of white bulletin board paper to the wall as high as I could reach.  The other end of the roll draped forward across the top of the card table and down onto the floor.  We put two lights, one on either side, at the front edge of the table pointing at the center of the table, where we place the items we were photographing.  Then we turned off the overhead lights to put the back of the smooth paper backdrop in the shadow as much as we could.  We probably could have gotten more of a shaded effect if we got farther away from the wall.  It also would have been nice to have a light directly overhead.  We may see if we can borrow another light to do this the next time we take pictures.  There was also a shelf too close to the right side of the setup, which resulted in some weird shadows in the upper right hand corner of some of the images.

P.S.  The scarf shown here will not be going up on Etsy, but it will be for sale at one of the shops or shows I am selling at this spring.

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