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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Me on Youtube!! Felt Bracelets How-to

OK, this requires some background info. A few years ago I was approached by some film-makers to do some how-to videos on felting for a new website called "". We made a few, had a great time, and expert village had them all in order with a link to my website, my name, etc. Well, apparently the site went under, and they dumped all their videos onto youtube. Without any order, of course. I have emailed them to see if there's a way to fix this. However, in the meantime, here are the videos for the felt bracelet tutorial, in their original order!! Thank you.

Making a Wet-felted Bracelet
About felting (various types)

Linen cord for sizing
Laying out wool for donut
laying out more wool for donut
Adding surface designs with yarn
wrapping wool around donut
Putting soap on dry wool donut
just keep squishing
Fulling the bracelet
Wrinkles in the bracelet
Carving felt bracelet before final fulling
vinegar rinse
dry and added decorations
cuff variation



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