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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Newsletter with lots of new news!! Yay!

My friends and collectors modeling some of my newest nuno felt wearables at the May TACA fair in Centennial Park, Nashville, Tennessee.

The word “nuno” is japanese for “fabric”.  “Nuno” felting, or laminate felting, is a wet felting technique where unfelted or partially felted animal fibers or wool are felted in contact with an open-weave fabric so that the ends of the fibers work through the openings in the fabric weave during felting.

Upcoming Felt Classes and Workshops
There is still time to create your one-of-a-kind summer scarf masterpiece.  Nuno felt scarves are great for any season!
I am pleased to announce that I have a “Nuno” felt scarf class coming up at the Harpeth Art Center, scheduled for Saturday, November 18 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.  We well be making a variety of styles of beautiful scarves, starting with a hand-dyed silk chiffon scarf in your choice of colors.  We will also learn how to make “prefelts” and fuse them into the silk chiffon. Beautiful, and yours is sure to be unique, wonderful and truly yours!  Space is limited so sign up for this class today thru!

New!! ETSY Felt, Instructional Videos on YouTube, and more!

I have been busy increasing my web presence, and wanted to share my new online forums with you!  I now have a Facebook page for Foundations in Felt, where I can post and keep up with my classes and new work easily and quickly! (I confess, I am addicted to Facebook!)  I also have created my own “channel” on YouTube, and am creating my own instructional videos and posting them here. I am also creating playlists of my videos from Expert Village, only in the right order!  Also check out my Etsy store, Laura Felts. I invite you to please subscribe, “like”, favorite, or otherwise patronize and help me promote these efforts!  Thanks! - Laura

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