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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spinning group post for Saturday May 12

Below is a post from the email that Ethel-Lonniell sent out. Unfortunately, I will be out of town, but there will be lots of lovely folks there - new spinners are always welcome, and there are plenty of folks more than happy to get you started!



I hope many of you are planning to come to the May meeting this Saturday in Nashville at 3507 Belmont Blvd. (in the building behind the Tutor style house).
We will meet from 10-2:00 with potluck at 11:30. We found out at the last Nashville meeting that there are two parking lots that can be used for our new meeting room location. One is the one off Belmont in the regular parking lot and the other is off Graybar. Use either entrance.

We had a nice April meeting, even though we had to meet on the 1st Saturday (conflict at Rock Castle on the 2ns Saturday). Tom's had a designer decorate the back room into a very cute bridal waiting room. Lucky us, we were able to meet in that room. The Plant People met in the front. We had a nice meeting. One of the Plant People may start coming to our meetings. She has a wheel and is an old acquaintance of Beth Hester and Wanda. Also, Ruth Sines and two of her friends stopped by. Ruth is usually at a reenactment, so it was nice to be able to see her in person. Laura, Wanda, Traci, Joy, Jennifer, and I also were present.

After lunch, we headed over to the mansion to look at the loom. Wanda had a small sample rag rug that she borrowed from Mary Schneider. She has been given several colors of carpet warp to warp with. I think we will be using Mary's rag rug as a guide. No definite date had been set for us to meet to weave. Save your cotton pieces. We have not been advised as to how wide the strips need to be cut. We have lots to think about and decide. Wanda will be our leader on this weaving project.

Don't forget that we have been asked to demonstrate in Ashland City in June. Wanda should be getting more information about this event.

Beth and her husband (Steve) are planning to have a Fiber Fest in Dickson (Dickson County Fair Grounds)this month on the 26th. Hopefully everything will go well and this will become a regular May event.
Let's plan to attend and help out if we can. 789-5943.

I hope each of you has received the latest SpinOff.
Think about entering their latest contest. Barbara and I entered once. It was not hard. It was fun to see our handspun yarn in the national magazine.

Hope to see you on Saturday. I have heard from about three new people that are interested in spinning. I hope they will be able to come to a meeting soon. You are always welcome to invite/bring anyone that you know are interested in spinning.

Continued happy spinning. Ethel-Lonniell



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